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I can safely say without blinking my eyes, that Dianne lives and breathes NLP. With her 15 years of solving complex problems with professionals and organizations, her skills are robust, result-tested and very often – refreshingly innovative for most organizations. If you are committed to achieving measurable results and doing the critically important (not just urgent), Dianne is the human resource generator that you want to include in your organization’s learning development.

Barney Wee

Founder of Mind Transformations, Singapore

Get ready to change your life. This is, without a doubt, the best and most useful course I’ve ever been on! Since I’ve become a practitioner, I’ve taught my 8 year old son to change his nightmares and reduce his asthma, helped a friend find the confidence to be able to defend herself at an industrial tribunal, and myself to… just do it.

Dave Riches

The programme combined significant personal development for the HR managers and taught us practical techniques to use with others. The learning transfer has been immediate and real added value is being demonstrated.

Clare Hannah

Head of Organisation Development, DB Schenker Rail (UK) Ltd

The LAB Profile has provided me with a practical way of applying my knowledge of metaprogrammes in a given context to both better understand an individual’s motivation and style of working and develop their understanding of self in real time.

I am now convinced that LAB Profile can make a valuable contribution in the context of career coaching.

Denise Potts

Executive Coach

NLP genuinely touches the parts that the other courses haven’t. It can do what ever you want it to do. It is the master key to life.

Andy Hunt

DCI, West Midlands Police

In my field I see alot of trainers/consultants/coaches and most of them are ok and do an ok job. Dianne Lowther however is rare – she focuses on you and your results and ensuring that you are left performing to the right level – that is the level you set yourself. She partners with you, helps you along the way, challenges you to think and act differently and ensures that you transition new ways of working into your normal everyday being. She has a sound business understanding and a very calm professional manner. I can highly recommend the work that she does.

Karen Bailey

Chartered FCIPD