[Video] How to receive an apology

What do you do when someone apologises to you? Do you find it hard to know what to say or how to let go of your grudge? Let’s explore the options…

[Article] Am I bothered?

‘Am I bothered?’ asked another, much more famous, redhead.  The implication being that she’s not and it’s a good thing.  Being bothered is uncool. In that context, being bothered means allowing other people to have an effect on your state of mind. It means caring that someone is annoyed with you. It means being upset […]

[Video] Making an apology

Some people never apologise, others are keen to restore harmony in their relationships when something goes wrong. In this video I explore the types of situations in which it might be appropriate to make an apology and how to go about it.

[Video] The 5-Minute NLP Seminar

People often ask me “What is NLP?” and there are lots of definitions, but when it comes to what you actually do in the practice of NLP, there is a very quick version of it. So this is NLP in a nutshell – or at least, how to operate like an NLP Practitioner…

[Video] Dealing with Disagreement

  “If you and I both agree, one of us is redundant” – Lee Iacocca Disagreement is an essential part of the activity of a successful team. Find out how to do it without giving offence…

[Video] Introversion and Extraversion

I’ve always been interested in personality types, in fact I did part of my degree in Personality Psychology. So to start to explain what personality is all about is quite a big task. But there are some aspects of personality that are quite easy to spot, and if you can spot them they can be […]

[Article] Learning for adults

Learning for adults

Very few of us are taught how to learn. As a small child learning is as natural as breathing. The world is full of new experiences and objects to discover and we are constantly adding to our store of knowledge, skills and memories. We go to school and the process continues, except that now we […]

[Video] Available Resources

One of my favourite presuppositions of NLP says that people are doing the best they can with the resources they have available, and the reason I like that is because I find it useful in lots of different circumstances. The NLP sense of the word resources includes not just the tangible resources that you might […]

[Article] 7 keys to successful planning and goal-setting

7 keys to successful planning and goal-setting

1. Think BIG! If your goal isn’t a challenge and doesn’t represent an important achievement for you it’s unlikely that you’ll be motivated enough to sustain the effort required to complete it. Forget all that SMART goals stuff about ‘realistic’ and ‘achievable’. That pattern was devised for setting goals for other people who work for […]